Hello! I’m David Valerio a masters student at Rice University studying marine biogeochemistry.

I am developing a computational model of the triple oxygen isotope composition of atmospheric oxygen to help advance the use of triple oxygen isotope measurements as a measure of global biological productivity. After finishing my degree, I’d like to move into the startup world to support rewilding efforts to that help drawdown carbon emissions and regenerate the biosphere.

Besides doing research, I read books, lift weights, host Interintellect salons, and evangelize for the greatest city in the world, Houston, Texas. I enjoy reading history, biography, science fiction and philosophical novels. I also write newsletter/blog posts when I am so inclined.

I unfortunately have brain worms and am on Twitter.

You can have my incoherent thoughts shot into your mailbox by signing up for my Substack.

I also have a Google Scholar.

Should you still use snail mail my e-mail address is david.a.valerio@gmail.com.

Boring facts:

Houston native.

Favorite fiction writer: Ursula K. Le Guin

Favorite nonfiction writer: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Favorite philosopher: Leo Tolstoy

Favorite band: The Strokes

Favorite fiction book: The Dispossessed

Favorite nonfiction book: Antifragile