Hello! I’m David Valerio a second-year Ph.D. student at Rice University studying marine biogeochemistry.

I use novel isotopic proxies of dissolved oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) in natural waters to quantify photosynthesis and denitrification in marine settings. I use ultra-high precision, triple isotope and “clumped isotope” measurements of naturally occurring dissolved O2 and N2 to create mass balances that quantify the rate and amount of biologically produced O2 and N2. After completing my Ph.D., I’d like to move into the startup world to work at the interface between stable isotope geochemistry, chemical oceanography, and big data to help address the impacts of climate change on the global ocean.

Besides doing research, I read books, lift weights, go to concerts (also pre-corona), and evangelize for the greatest city in the world, Houston, Texas. I enjoy reading history, biography, science fiction and philosophical novels. I also blog when I feel like it.

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I have a Google Scholar.

You can contact me at valerio@rice.edu to discuss stuff related to my research or at david.a.valerio@gmail.com for anything else.

Boring facts:

Houston native.

Graduate of Texas A&M University.

Favorite writer: Ursula K. Le Guin

Favorite philosopher: Leo Tolstoy

Favorite band: The Strokes

Favorite fiction: The Dispossessed

Favorite nonfiction: Antifragile