Beyond Sustainability and Towards Antifragility

Sustainability isn’t sustainable. It implies that the goal of environmental work is to insure a balance between human greed and the health of the biosphere that is similar to the present, only extended indefinitely into the future. The current status quo is unbearable. Sustainable design optimizes human systems to have... [Read More]

Coronatine Walking

I love walking. I live in downtown Houston, which is one of the few places in this car dominated city where you can conceivably walk to get everything you need. The street grid is city blocks are short and the streets are one way, so I can ramble around wherever... [Read More]

On Plagues and Hurricanes

Hurricanes are eminently physical. You can literally feel the air change as they get closer. Typically the few days before a hurricane hits are extremely hot. The clouds turn a strange orange color. Then, the first fronts of the storm come. It starts to rain, constantly. In the beginning the... [Read More]

Coming Back to the Church

Both my mom and dad were raised as Catholics. They met in a Catholic Charismatic church group, so when I was born I was promptly baptized into the Church and taken along to Mass. Eventually my parents became fed up with the disapproving glances cast their way by fellow parishioners,... [Read More]
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